Build your Own Care Notebook Available Now at the National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Needs Web Site

March 26, 2008

Dr. Charles Onufer, Director, Division of Specialized Care for Children at the University of Illinois at Chicago and his Title V CSHCN staff, created a web site called "Build Your Own Care Notebook".  They are working with staff from the National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children with Special Needs. This web site is designed to assist families to build their own care notebooks for their own children with special needs. The web site allows parents to select different versions of care notebooks and put them together to build their own customized care notebook.

Dr. Onufer took 20 complete care notebooks and developed a template consisting of 6 major sections with their corresponding subsections.  For each of these subsections, up to 20 versions of that subsection was created in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.  A parent then has the capability to review these different versions of the subsections that they would like to include in their child's care notebook, and download those Word or PDF files to their computer. 

 The next step was creating an online tutorial for parents to guide them in  "how to" use the online care notebook for their child or patient.  A field test of the tutorial was held for parents and health care professionals February 5, 2008 at the Illinois Center for Rehab and Education.    Dr. Onufer and his staff are revising the tutorial based on comments from the field test and will work with National Center Staff on uploading the tutorial. 

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