Report on the AUCD Network: Autism, Adult Services, MR/DD Agency Sruvey

October 30, 2007

Directors of the 67 UCEDDs and 34 LENDs were sent a link to an online survey to collect information on the work of the network in three key areas: autism, adult services, and their work with state agencies responsible for metal retardation/developmental disabilities (MR/DD) services.

AUCD ulimately used the survey results to:

  • Create a fact sheet on the type and breadth of the network's autism activities to inform legislators, autism advocacy groups and federal agency administrators;
  • Compile a summary of the type and breadth of adult services the network engages in to (a) inform the network itself, (b) suggest areas that could be leveraged, and (c) to inform other disability organizations and Hill staff; and
  • Compile a description of the nature and extent of work that Centers are doing with their state MR/DD agencies services to (a) inform the network itself and (b) help build an exchange of information and possible collaborations with the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services and its individual state members.

This report provides the brief results of the survey along with necessary contextual information. Three appendices follow-one for each topical area-that provide details on the work of the Centers.

Read the complete survey report in pdf format [ , 102K]