2007-08 National Service Inclusion Project Fellowship Program

November 1, 2007

Grant Period

November 1, 2007 - October 31, 2008

Primary Initiative

The goal of the NSIP Fellows Program is to increase and enhance the disability and national service field's understanding and capacity to develop and implement strategies to allow citizens with disabilities to fully participate in service and volunteerism. This will be accomplished through the collaborative experience of the fellow and a person with a disability.

2007-08 Recipients

Laura Lacey: Brooke Point High School Learn & Serve Program, Stafford, VA; (540) 658-6080 ext. 1728, [email protected]

Brooke Point Learn and Serve class wishes to partner with NSIP and Brooke Point students with disabilities to provide them with the rich experiences of exploring and addressing the needs of others within their community. This will provide exposure to the larger community as well as the Brooke Point school population. The Learn and Serve class would like to work side by side with six students [with disabilities] who have eagerly agreed to take part in this year-long cooperative project, which include the following service learning activities: 

  • Turkey Drive for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank
  • Operation ShoeBox (Holiday Drive)
  • Reading Rally throughout the entire second semester promoting literacy at the local elementary schools

Michael Bray: Developmental Disabilities Institute, Detroit, MI; (313) 577-6684, [email protected]

Michael's project will aim to accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase the Prospective Peer's capacity for and awareness of National Service activity participation and its impact on both he and the community
  • Identify and develop strategies to address any barriers to inclusion of the Prospective Peer in service and/or volunteer opportunities
  • Work with the Developmental Disabilities Institute and the Michigan Community Service Commission to identify and address areas of need concerning universal design, inclusion and physical accessibility. Utilize existing training, or develop new training, to address these needs
  • Develop a paper/case study outlining the entire experience of the Fellow Candidate and Prospective Peer with regard to the effectiveness of the strategies and training used to address issues of inclusion and universal design in relation to the participation of persons with disabilities in National Service and volunteer projects