Two Calls For Abstracts: Pre Conference Workshop & the 2008 Seventh Annual Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice

February 7, 2008

Pre-Conference "The Educators' EBP Workshop"

  • Abstract Due Date: February 25, 2008
  • Share your ideas for incorporating EBP into nursing education.

Cover page (no specific form is required)--include the following:

  • Author(s), credentials
  • Affiliation
  • Contact information
  • Position or Title
  • Abstract-320 words, including required subheadings:
    • Background (Context, EBP Framework)
    • Level of Educational Program (eg, UG, Masters)
    • Targeted Learning Outcomes
    • Activities
    • Evaluation

Submit electronic file in ms.doc here with Subject Heading: "Educators EBP Abstract"

"Presentations at the 2008 Seventh Annual Summer Institute on Evidence-Based Practice"

  • Abstract Submission Receipt Deadline: Monday, February 25, 2008

Nurses, physicians, pharmacists, managers, educators, and researchers are invited to submit for consideration, abstracts consistent with the theme of the Institute. Topics reflective of evidence-based projects are sought. Projects highlighting the following topics are particularly germane:

  • Innovation for quality
  • Benchmarking
  • Evidence-based quality improvement
  • Synthesis of research evidence to guide clinical practice
  • Development of evidence-explicit clinical practice guidelines
  • Integration of best evidence with clinical expertise to guide practice
  • Translation of research into practice recommendations, toolkits, protocols, etc.
  • Impact of practice change on health status or economic outcomes
  • Teaching EBP

Poster presentations will be competitively selected on the basis of scholarship, scientific rigor, and relevance to the theme of the Institute.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Title: Limit to 65 characters
  • Limit the abstract to 300 words (text, excluding bibliography)
  • The following subheadings must be used:
    • Problem: What practice problem did you address and why is change needed?
    • Evidence: What evidence did you use to address the problem and how was it gathered and appraised?
    • Strategy: What strategy was used to link the innovation to the evidence?
    • Practice Change: What specific practice change was made (for quality improvement studies) or procedure evaluated (for research studies)?
    • Evaluation: What outcomes were measured and how?
    • Results: What did you find?
    • Recommendations: What recommendations do you have for practice? What lessons did you learn?
    • Bibliography
    • Submit the abstract here (without identifiers) and one cover sheet (available here)

For more information, please contact:
Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice
Phone: (210) 567-1480