Maternal and Child Health Journal Seeks Reviewers

December 19, 2007

The Editorial Board of the Maternal and Child Health Journal is seeking reviewers. "The Maternal and Child Health Journal is the primary vehicle for the dissemination and exchange of new scientific knowledge and new ideas in our field." They ask that you help them make the Maternal and Child Health Journal the premier public health journal!

For reviewers seeking guidance in the preparation of their review, you are encouraged to read:A Guide to Reviewing Manuscripts. Authors may also benefit from reading this report that details specific items that reviewers consider in preparing their review.

Reviewers Register here.

  • You will be asked for your first name, last name and e-mail address
  • Submit this information, and you will be able to register as a reviewer
  • Please remember to indicate that you are available to be a reviewer; this is the last item in the Institution Related Information section.
  • Click on the Person Classifications box under Additional Information and click any and all areas of your expertise and interest. This helps MCH assign the right articles to the right reviewers.
  • When you are invited to review an article, please either accept or decline as soon as possible so that they will know your intentions. If you decline, no worry, they will try you again. If you accept, please try to get back to MCH as soon as possible. Awaiting reviewer's comments is the primary source of delay in responding to our authors.
Note: You may view and/or download manuscripts assigned to you for review, submit your comments for the editors and the authors, and track the progress of your manuscripts through the system