National Service Inclusion Project, Year 1, UCEDD Participant/Contact List and Mini-grant Summaries (2001-02)

December 31, 2001

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New Jersey



West Virginia


Grant Summaries:

ARKANSAS - Partners for Inclusive Communities at the University of Arkansas, Ms. Judy Young, (501) 682-9908, [email protected]

  • Establish and on-going dialog among the Arkansas CNCS programs and disability organizations.
  • Survey Arkansas CNCS staff regarding disability issues; determine training topics, and develop training materials to fit determined needs.
  • Develop a visual display and printed materials highlighting achievements of individuals with disabilities as outreach materials.
  • Provide training and technical assistance regarding disability issues to Arkansas CNCS staff.
  • Develop a training packet for Arkansas CNCS staff to use when training members.
  • Attend and present at the Arkansas CNCS Conference.
  • Obtain descriptions of CNCS service opportunities and disseminate to disability organizations.
  • Provide input on the development of the state plan for CNCS Arkansas Commission.
  • Attend and present at the annual national service conference in Utah June 2002.
  • Disseminate CNCS information and training materials to disability organizations using listservs, direct mailings, websites, meetings and conferences.
  • Notify other state programs of availability of training materials.

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CALIFORNIA - The University Affiliated Program at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Olivia Raynor, (310) 794-1141, [email protected]

  • Convene a meeting of disability related organizations collaboration with the USC-UCEDD to discus the project and ways to increase the number of people with disabilities in national service.
  • Develop outreach and recruitment and material and strategies for supporting the involvement of the following populations in national service: Individuals with psychiatric/mental health disorders and dual diagnosis; individuals served in the independent living system.
  • Participate in Northern California Pathway Conference.
  • Convene a 1 day planning meeting with GOSERV and Pathway in Southern Cal.
  • Disseminate and publicize information about national service programs to disability organizations.
  • Participate in Annual Conf in Utah.
  • In collaboration with the USC-UCEDD convene a southern California Conference on disability and National Service.

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CALIFORNIA - The University of Southern California (USC) University Affiliated Program, Dr. Barbara Wheeler, (323) 671-3829, [email protected]

  • Organize and conduct information sessions for regional center's (agencies providing direct services to this population) about national service opportunities.
  • Convene a meeting of disability related organization collaboration with the UCLA-UCEDD to discus the project and ways to increase the number of people with disabilities in national service.
  • Develop outreach and recruitment and material and strategies for supporting the involvement of the following populations in national service: Individuals with cognitive impairments; individuals who are deaf/hearing impaired; individuals who are blind/visually impaired.
  • Develop and conduct training activities, technical assistance and consultation for local CNCS program directors and staff to increase their capacity to undertake successful outreach, recruitment, and support of people with developmental disabilities.
  • Develop and distribute accessible outreach and recruitment products to CNCS programs in Los Angeles (and statewide).
  • Sponsor accommodated Career Days which focus on national service for regional center clients; where CNCS staff members can meet prospective recruits with developmental disabilities.
  • Increase public awareness of national service opportunities for individuals with disabilities through a local cable TV program called, Disabled News and Views.
  • Participate in Northern California Pathway Conference.
  • Attend and the annual national service conference in Utah June 2002.
  • In collaboration with the UCLA-UCEDD convene a southern California Conference on disability and National Service.
  • Produce a final report on strategies for increasing and sustaining participation of individuals with developmental disabilities in national service, barriers to meeting this goal, the role of collaboration between CNCS personnel and regional center personnel in assuring successful outcomes, and implications for continuation and expansion of this program.

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DELAWARE - Center for Disabilities Studies at the University of Delaware, Ms. Beverly Stapleford, (302) 831-4688, [email protected]

  • Assess current recruitment strategies and level of awareness of disabilities within volunteer organizations.
  • Create new links between the CNCS and disabilities based state and local organizations.
  • Organize and conduct information sessions about national service opportunities.
  • Develop and implement training with national service staff to expand their awareness of disability issues, and to increase their recruitment of and relationships with people with disabilities.
  • Create advertising products and recruitment plans geared toward people with disabilities.
  • Assess and offer technical assistance to national service organizations to facilitate a successful match between volunteers' abilities and the volunteer organization's needs.
  • Review current recruitment materials and dissemination practices for their effectiveness.
  • Promote inclusion project in conferences.

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FLORIDA - The Mailman Center for Child Development at the University of Miami, Dr. Jean Sherman, (305) 243-6397, [email protected]

  • Conduct initial outreach and introduction of the UCEDD and its functions to FCCS.
  • Plan and implement joint strategies for ongoing contact and communication, will focus on the exchange of postal, e-mail and Internet (web site link) contact information between the FCCS and the UCEDD.
  • Assist CNCS entities to become familiar with and contact disability organizations-providing detailed descriptive and contact information about the myriad state and local entities that support individuals with disabilities.
  • Coordinate with CNCS entities in the dissemination of information about opportunities in national service for individuals with disabilities to public, private and disability advocacy organizations, Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC), Family Network on Disabilities (FND), ARC, the Centers for Independent Living (CIL), several State of Florida entities, condition-specific disability groups; training & employment providers; multi-service disability provider agencies, etc.
  • Distribute the new AmeriCorps Inclusion posters throughout the disability network.
  • Assist in developing and/or providing one regional (cluster) or statewide training session.
  • Provide technical assistance/partnership to the FCCS in the area of disability matters.
  • Attend Annual National Service Conference from June 9-12, 2002 in Salt Lake City.

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KANSAS - The Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities, Ms. Susan Jack, 620-421-6550, ext 1632, [email protected]

  • Develop joint strategies with CNCS for ongoing contact and communication to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in national service activities.
  • Conduct activities that will assist Colorado/Kansas Office of the CNCS to become familiar with organizations that support individuals with disabilities and to contact them.
  • Develop an understanding of the range of national service activities to disseminate information about the benefits of national service for people with disabilities.
  • Assist in the development of and actively participate state training activities.
  • Present information on national service opportunities to least one state disability conference.
  • Provide technical assistance in areas including the state disability plan, accommodation funds, state resources, inclusionary practices and other related topics.

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MINNESOTA - The Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota, Ms. Julie Washenberger, (612) 624-2380, [email protected]

  • Develop joint strategies with CNCS for ongoing contact and communication to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in national service activities.
  • Provide technical assistance in developing the state disability plan, dispersing accommodation funds, building state resources and sharing inclusionary practices.
  • Provide materials and training activities to assist CNCS in becoming familiars with public and private disability organizations.
  • Partner with the MN Commission on the development on a statewide CNCS newsletter.
  • Participate in a panel presentation at the statewide (April 2002) AmeriCorps Program Directors Meeting and the National meeting in Utah.
  • Develop marketing strategies and materials to enhance outreach to individuals with disabilities.
  • Assist with the recruitment of individuals with disabilities to participate in National Youth Service Day projects.

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MISSOURI - Institute for Human Development at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Michelle "Sheli" Reynolds, (816) 235 - 1759, [email protected]

  • Facilitate the inclusion of persons with disabilities into CNS-MO and the Missouri State Commission sponsored programs.
  • Disseminate information to AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and the National Senior Service Corps sponsor organizations on how to recruit, support and maintain volunteers with developmental disabilities.
  • Giving presentations and/or hosting an exhibit at yearly conferences and meetings, writing articles for statewide newsletters for various disability organizations, and meeting with members of those organizations on the importance of recruiting individuals with disabilities as members of the Corporation.
  • Work with the various disability boards and associations to assist with incorporating volunteer service into their state disability plan.
  • Present on the topic of recruiting, supporting and maintaining volunteers with developmental disabilities at the annual Missouri Show-Me Conference.

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NEW JERSEY - The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, Mr. William Gaventa, (732) 235-9304, [email protected] , and Ms. Sue Henshaw, (732) 235-9313, [email protected]

  • Join a consortium representing various networks serving people with disabilities, the New Jersey AmeriCorps Access Ability (NJ TRIPLE A).
  • Assist the consortium in networking with other disability services and organizations.
  • Work with the State of New Jersey Commission on National and Community Service to increase awareness of current training opportunities related to people with disabilities for AmeriCorps.
  • Facilitate ways for AmeriCorps to lead presentations and exhibits at conferences and meetings of disability networks.
  • Work with NJ TRIPLE A to develop a mechanism to gather information on current volunteer activities by people with disabilities in New Jersey.
  • Create a best practices booklet on volunteering for people with developmental disabilities and for more awareness about national service opportunities.
  • Technical Assistance on working with people with developmental disabilities will be provided upon request to AmeriCorps managers.
  • Provide at least one training for AmeriCorps managers.

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TENNESSEE - Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities at the University of Tennessee, Ms. Elizabeth Bishop, (901) 448-6511, [email protected]

  • Provide training and technical assistance to Tennessee's CNCS programs regarding disability related issues.
  • Participate in the development of the Tennessee Commission state disability plan.
  • Create a narrated video of a Power Point presentation regarding National Service opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Produce a fact sheet, in alternative formats, to compliment the video.
  • Present information about CNCS opportunities to disability related organizations and conferences.

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UTAH - The Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University, Mr. Gordon Richins, (435) 797-2832, [email protected]

  • Technical assistance and dissemination of information designed to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in national service.
  • Increase the awareness of state and local national service programs about the benefits of including people with disabilities.
  • Activities will be developed to support national service programs with outreach and recruitment of people with disabilities.
  • Provide information to target population individuals to increase their awareness of and involvement in community service. This will be accomplished through; information sessions; use of e-mail and information on the CPD web-site; and conference presentations.
  • Activities will be conducted to develop state and local partnerships between national service entities and target group support programs.
  • Provide presentations and disseminate awareness and recruitment information aimed at persons with disabilities, teachers, counselors, and parents will be provided at state and local activities such as; transition conferences, county Youth and Families with Promise activities, and parent community forums.

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WEST VIRGINIA - West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities, Ms. Helen Panzironi, (304) 293-4692, [email protected], and Ms. Sally Burchfiel, [email protected]

  • Disseminate CNCS information/PSA's to the West Virginia Waiver Families group, WVUCED staff, the Positive Behavior Support State Training Team, ADAPT of West Virginia, schools, supported employment programs, Department of Special Education and Education, Parent Resource Centers, service providers, universities, and public/private advocacy and supported employment organizations.
  • Review 2002 West Virginia Commission program plans and set a strategic plan.
  • Design and development of training materials, handouts, overheads, visual aids, all in alternate formats.
  • Increased awareness of state and local programs about the benefits of including persons with disabilities, including giftedness and community building activities based on the work of Beth Mount and John McKnight.
  • Provided an overview of the Civil Rights Movement of People with Disabilities.
  • Developed Interactive Etiquette Game for CNCS members and supervisors.
  • Develop materials to target underserved groups.
  • Assisted CNCS and AC entities to become familiar with and contact disability organization providing detailed descriptive and contact information about state and local entities that support individuals with disabilities, to include access and accommodation law.
  • Providing on-going technical assistance and consultation for state and local program directors, staff and others in inclusionary practices.
  • Facilitated WVCNCS presentation at Annual People First Meeting September 2002 (attended by 120 consumers).
  • Provided input into WVCNCS training packet.
  • Disseminate CNCS info through listserves, newsletters, PSA's. etc.
  • In collaboration with the NSIP, assist in convening a North Central and Southern Cluster conference Link to disability groups across the state.
  • Submit an application to North Carolina Center for Development and Learning to receive training, technical assistance and curriculum in leadership, self-advocacy and self-determination titled "Shifting the Power" to assist in disseminating information on National Service Opportunities.

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WYOMING - The Wyoming Institute for Disabilities at the University of Wyoming, Ms. Lisa Steffian, (307) 766-2765, [email protected]

  • Attend Annual National Service Conference, June 9-12, 2002 to gather suggestions and training resources.
  • Establish a quarterly meeting schedule with Wyoming Commission for National and Community Service (WCNCS) Executive Director.
  • Begin collaborating on state training and the state disability plan to promote more inclusive practices and plan statewide inclusive training even.
  • Assist in recruitment and retention of individuals with disabilities in current and future national service projects in the state.
  • Continue developing one inclusive model project that will serve as an example for the state, "Project PAL"- Partners Advancing Literacy project. This represents a collaborative effort between WIND, WCNCS, Albany County's Senior Corps, K-12 public schools, the Albany County Reads Collaborative, and the City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department. This program will infuse literacy building activities that have disability awareness and multicultural themes to school-aged children in to an existing after school program. WIND will assist Senior Corps with the recruitment of at least 2 new foster grandparents with disabilities to staff the program and facilitate activities for this project.
  • Develop a special collection about inclusion in national service and add this to our WIND Resource Library.
  • Implement Project PAL in 3 Albany County public schools 2 days/week in September.
  • Disseminate accessible information using WIND's Connect Wyoming service distance-learning technology.
  • Conduct post-test assessment and focus groups of students who participated in Project PAL.
  • Construct and disseminate a "Lessons Learned" final project report and present findings at the 2003 WCNCS annual meeting as well as the 2003 Annual National Service Conference as a model project.

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