NTDC Council Minutes 2007

November 10, 2007

Washington, DC

Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steve Koch.


Introductions were made and the following members signed in:

Erna Alant, CAAC, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Karen Applequist, AZ UCEDD; Kay Conklin, MO LEND; Kristen Connolly, IL UCEDD; Roland Ellis, SD LEND; Donna Gilles, VCU UCEDD/LEND; Anne B. Harris, WI LEND; Judith Holt, UT LEND/UCEDD; Steve Koch, RCDC, IN; Toby Long, Washington, DC GU UCEDD & CNMC LEND; Vicki Pappas, IN UCEDD; Crystal Pariseau, AUCD; Roz Parrish, U. of Cincinnati LEND/UCEDD; Sue Pearson, IA LEND; Donald Plapinger, Portland, OR UCEDD/LEND; Debbie Reinhartsen for Angela Rosenberg, UNC UCEDD/LEND; Ruth Roberts, UT Boling UCEDD/LEND; Sally Stuart, UW LEND WA; Steve Sulkes, Rochester, NY LEND; Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg, WI-Waisman UCEDD; Terri Urbano, Vanderbilt UCEDD; Bobbie Vaughn, U. of South Florida UCEDD; Susan Vig, Bronx, NY UCEDD/LEND; Matt Wappett, ID CDHD; Tokesha Warner, Vanderbilt LEND; Diane Williams, WVU UCEDD/LEND; Patrice Yasuda, USC UCEDD/LEND; Mary Ellen Zeppuhar, WVU UCEDD/LEND


Minutes from the last annual meeting were reviewed. David Helm moved they be accepted and Vicki Pappas seconded the motion which was voted on and approved.

New Training Directors

The new training directors briefly discussed their programs and their issues that are priorities. Some were matched with veteran training directors for mentoring. The following are the new training directors with their match - if made

  • Patrice Yasuda, USC, matched with Sally Stuart, WA
  • Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg, Waisman (no match requested)
  • Donna Gilles, VCU, matched with Mary Ellen Zeppuhar, WVU
  • Lawrence Miller, Westchester, NY LEND matched with David Helm, MA LEND/UCEDD
  • Wayne Stuberg, NE matched with Toby Long at DC CNMC
  • Bobbi Vaughn, So. FL matched with Denise de la Garza, Texas


Crystal briefly explained the website for this council and how to join the listserve and discussion board. Training Directors can sign up to receive the Trainee listserve if they wish, though it was noted that much of what is sent to the Trainee listserve is also sent to the network as a whole.

Training Symposium

Judith updated the council on the 2008 Training Symposium - there are 124 individuals registered, which is very good. She also asked for input on possible topics for next year.

Workgroup Updates

Core curriculum work group

Matt Wappett provided an overview of the data he has received from the survey. We seem to be very traditional in our method and content.

Trainee Linkages

Sue Pearson and Roland Ellis updated the council on the recent Midwest LEND Regional Conference in Nebraska. They are also suggesting that we list the various LEND consortia and their activities on our Council's website.

This workgroup is looking for topics that would be pertinent to all or many programs that may then be presented electronically - video, audio, webinar, etc. In addition, they are requesting information on the various formats currently in use by our programs. Recently, Iowa did a webinar on newborn screening which was made available to various other locations.


No report.

Virtual Trainee

Terri Abrams, a family/parent trainee from Rochester is the 2008 Virtual Trainee. Training Directors were asked to encourage their trainees to connect with the Virtual Trainee and participate in virtual discussions and activities.

Board Update

George Jesien and Bill Kiernan provided an update to the council. Currently AUCD has a contract with CDC to pull together state teams around autism in the federal HRSA regions VI & VII. New Mexico and Kansas are taking the lead for planning in these two regions. If these are successful, it is hoped to expand this activity to all federal regions. Another topic might be post secondary education for people with disabilities.

Currently the Labor HHS appropriations bill is in conference, containing new money for UCEDD's, current LEND's as well as new LEND's. It is expected that the President will veto this bill.

AUCD has done a survey with state DD Agencies to determine collaboration. It is hoped that this collaboration between the UCEDD's and state agencies can be enhanced. AUCD has been and will continue to meet with the National Association of State DD Agencies.

There is a discussion beginning about whether to reconvene the Alliance for Full Participation in 2010. Judith will send out an email about this soon.

Activities for the Coming Year

Discussion was held about which workgroups have completed their work and how others have evolved. It was determined that the following workgroups will be chaired by the following Training Directors:

  • Trainee/technology linkages
    • Sue and Roland will continue to co-chair this group. They will be looking at webcasts/archives and generating common topics of interest.
  • Core Curriculum
    • Matt will continue to chair this group.
  • Trainee handbook
    • This will be chaired by Steve Koch. The main activity will be to determine a template of a Table of Contents that can then be adapted to each program.
  • Disability Studies
    • This will be chaired by Denise de la Garza.
  • Interdisciplinary Training Guide
    • It was decided to have a new subcommittee to review and recommend changes and additions to the Interdisciplinary Training Guide. David Helm will chair this subcommittee.

As much of the work of the Trainee Diversity workgroup was being done with the Multicultural Council, and the Leadership Workgroup with the MCHB workgroup, this council decided to have designated liaisons with those groups who can identify when we should become more involved. Steve Sulkes, chair of the former Trainee Diversity Workgroup will attend the Multicultural Council meetings. Hopefully Bruce Shapiro will continue with the MCHB workgroup.

Judith will send out an email to our listserve asking for volunteers to work on these various workgroups and subcommittee.

Meeting was adjourned by the new chair, Judith Holt.

Kay Conklin signature

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Conklin