Concussion! An archived webcast from the Iowa LEND available until November 11

October 31, 2007


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It can happen in an instant - an elbow to the head, a blow from the ball, a collision with another athlete, a fall, a tackle....

Concussion is the most common type of brain injury sustained in sports and is actually a mild traumatic brain injury induced by mechanical forces that immediately disrupt the normal functioning of the brain. An athlete does not have to lose consciousness to have sustained a concussion, and multiple concussions can have cumulative and long lasting consequences.

Review an archived webcast on this subject until November 11, 2007.

Program presenters

  • Geoffrey Lauer, Executive Director of the Brain Injury Association of Iowa
  • Dr. George Phillips, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Iowa Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Mary Ann Roberts, PhD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of Iowa Children's Hospital, Center for Disabilities and Development