NIH Partners in Research Program (R03)

Submission Date: January 11, 2008

Letters of Intent Deadline: December 11, 2007

A project period of up to two years and a budget for direct costs of up to two $25,000 modules, or $50,000 per year, may be requested (i.e., a maximum of $100,000 over two years in modules of $25,000 each.) Applicable Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs are allowed. The purpose of the NIH Partners in Research program is to support two-year pilot and/or feasibility research studies of innovative interventions and/or techniques designed to improve public understanding of biomedical and behavioral research, to develop strategies for promoting collaboration between scientists and the community to improve the health of the public, and to identify the conditions (e.g., settings and approaches) that will enhance the effectiveness of such interventions and/or techniques. 

Many different types of institutions and organizations are eligible, but each application must represent a partnership between community and scientific investigators.  Some areas you may want to consider:

  • identify  strategies to improve the understanding of specific elements of the research  process such as informed consent  
  • design  strategies to involve communities in research and researchers in the  community  
  • increase  scientific literacy  
  • identify  effective techniques for disseminating study findings and implementing  research in the community  
  • increase the  public's trust and confidence in participating in clinical  trials
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