Genetic Susceptibility and Variability of Human Structural Birth Defects (R01)

Submission Date: February 5, 2008

This FOA encourages innovative investigator-initiated applications designed to study fundamental developmental processes using animal models in conjunction with translational/clinical approaches with the goal of advancing our understanding of the etiology of structural birth defects. In 2000, the Developmental Biology, Genetics and Teratology Branch at NICHD began its Birth Defects Initiative with the funding of a number of research grants and program projects focused on the use of molecular genetic approaches for the study of genetic susceptibility, epidemiology, and developmental biology of human congenital structural malformations. These grants established the basis for a working group of investigators, who meet annually to present research updates, share ideas and technical advances, establish new collaborations, and provide input and advice to NICHD staff. Applicants funded through this FOA will join the NICHD's Birth Defects Special Interest Group and participate in annual meetings designed to provide a forum to discuss research progress, exchange ideas, share resources, and foster collaborations relevant to the goals of the NICHD's Birth Defects Initiative.

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