Medical Home Featured in Magazine Series

October 16, 2007

In its September issue, Exceptional Parent Magazine rolled out a continuing series on the American Academy of Pediatrics and its model of medical home.  The series is in partnership with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Educating Practices in Community Integrated Care Medical Home Program and is being authored by various professionals involved in care for children and youth with special healthcare needs.  Through the summer of 2008, this series will present the concept of the medical home in a novel and reader-friendly way -- through a fictitious case study. Exceptional Parent readers will visit with Amita and Samir and their daughter, Anjali, a "make believe" family, and will learn about medical home through their experience. The September issue installment set the stage for future issues with Anjali's premature birth and subsequent and mounting health concerns. Through the series, readers will be incrementally taught the concepts of the medical home with topics progressing as follows: overview of the medical home; medical home and care coordination; parent partners; community resources; education issues; medical homes as part of hospital systems; transition to adult-centered care: the early teen years; transition to adult-centered care: the mid- to late-teen years; and, transition to adult-centered care: high school graduation.