MRDD Research Reviews special issue: public policy aspects of the developmental disabilities

October 2, 2007

Volume 13, Issue 2 (2007)

Special Issue: Public Policy Aspects of the Developmental Disabilities

Issue Edited by Susan Parish, Glenn T. Fujiura

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Articles in the Current Issue

  • Editorial: Policies that shape the intellectual disabilities service system
    Susan L. Parish, Glenn T. Fujiura
  • Poverty and people with intellectual disabilities
    Eric Emerson
  • Federal family and disability policy: Special relevance for developmental disabilities
    H. Rutherford Turnbull III, Matthew J. Stowe, John Agosta, Ann P. Turnbull, M. Suzanne Schrandt, John F. Muller
  • The next exclusion debate: Assessing technology, ethics, and intellectual disability after the human genome project
    Kelly M. Munger, Carol J. Gill, Kelly E. Ormond, Kristi L. Kirschner
  • Issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders
    Paul T. Shattuck, Scott D. Grosse
  • Aging family caregivers: Policies and practices
    Tamar Heller, Joe Caldwell, Alan Factor
  • The implications of no child left behind for students with developmental disabilities
    Shawnee Y. Wakeman, Diane M. Browder, Irene Meier, Ann McColl
  • Residential supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    K. Charlie Lakin, Roger J. Stancliffe
  • Translating policy principles into practice to improve health care access for adults with intellectual disabilities: A research review of the past decade
    Gloria L. Krahn, Charles E. Drum
  • Washington rises: Public financial support for intellectual disability in the United States, 1955-2004
    David Braddock
  • The direct support workforce in community supports to individuals with developmental disabilities: Issues, implications, and promising pactices
    Amy Hewitt, Sheryl Larson
  • Emerging policy challenges in intellectual disabilities
    Glenn T. Fujiura, Susan L. Parish