NSIP 2005-2006 Mini-Grant: Nevada

April 21, 2006

Grant Summary

Research and Educational Planning Center, University of Nevada-Reno

Mary Bryant, mhbryant@unr.edu, 775-784-492

Proposed Activities, Specific Outcomes and Products

Outcome: A model system will be in place for Nevada AmeriCorps projects to recruit and accommodate people with disabilities.


  • Attend "A Meaningful Place for All" National Conference on Disability Inclusion & National Service in Alexandria, VA.
  • Develop web presence of viability of national and community service for people with disabilities on appropriate websites (UCED, People First of Nevada, etc.).
  • Contract with nationally-known speaker Kathie Snow to inspire project directors for kick-off recruitment drive outlined in activities 4, 5 & 6.
  • Site visits to 4 AmeriCorps interested project sites to review facility, plan placement opportunities and design potentially needed accommodations.
  • Outreach to disability organizations, employment service providers and school districts to recruit a minimum of 4 interested and qualified people with disabilities to become AmeriCorps members.
  • Provide ongoing support to AmeriCorps projects to interview qualified candidates with disabilities and to accommodate a minimum of 4 new members with disabilities, including assistance in developing resources as needed (job coaches. physical accommodations, assistive technology devices, personal care, etc.).