NSIP 2005-2006 Mini-Grant: Ohio

April 21, 2006

Grant Summary

Nisonger Center, Ohio State University

Dr. Tom Fish, fish.1@osu.edu, 614-292-3727
Jillian Ober, ober.7@osu.edu

The purpose of this project is to closely collaborate with the OCSC and three targeted AmeriCorps programs (two rural and one urban) to implement a number of recruitment and capacity building activities. These activities will involve the participation of current members (with and without disabilities) in the recruitment of members and volunteers with disabilities. We have had extensive discussions with our state commission and three proposed project sites about the nature and scope of project All Aboard.

Projected Outcomes:

  • 12 to18 volunteers with disabilities and subsequent 3 to 6 members by the end of the project.
  • Project staff will work with AmeriCorps program directors to identify individual members, who, for the purpose of this project, will be referred to as Recruitment Coordinators. When and if possible, we would like to engage current members with disabilities as Recruitment Coordinators.
  • A training curriculum for Recruitment Coordinators, comprised of three separate components, will be developed by All Aboard staff. This curriculum will take into account the individual learning styles and other accommodation needs of the Recruitment Coordinators.
  • As a result of their participation in All Aboard, Recruitment Coordinators will learn how to work with community agencies and access community resources, develop and market the project, and support volunteers and fellow members. They will also fulfill a portion of their duty to help build organizational capacity by recruiting volunteers.
  • Project staff will identify key local disability organizations, such as independent living centers, university disability service departments, and related vocational/social service programs, and establish strategies for outreach to these disability organizations.
  • Recruitment Coordinators will implement an individualized recruitment plan with interested organizations that will be developed in concert with project staff. This plan may include presentations at staff meetings, articles in organizational newsletters, and face-to-face discussions with individual and groups of individuals with disabilities employed and/or served by the agency.
  • Lastly, project staff, as well as state commission representatives, will attend the December NSIP conference in Alexandria, Virginia. Pending funding of this proposal, the OCSC is also interested in sending program directors from the three proposed AmeriCorps sites to the December conference. In addition, Project staff will present project results at the March, 2007 Ohio Forging New Links conference, Ohio's conference on volunteerism, service learning, and giving, which includes representatives from all streams of service.