3rd Round of the ProFellows Program on Inclusive Civic Engagemen Launched

January 19, 2024

ProFellows Derrick Willis, Director of the University of Iowa’s Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD) and AUCD President, and Bakar Hamad, Executive Director of the Organization of Women with Disabilities in Zanzibar (JUWAUZA), joined esteemed dignitaries to celebrate 15 years of JUWAUZA's dedicated service to women with disabilities in Zanzibar! Dignitaries included the second Vice President of Zanzibar, the Hon. Hemed Suleiman Abdulla.

Derrick Willis, delivered a powerful keynote speech and was recognized for his outstanding advocacy for disability inclusion in Zanzibar. Reflecting on the journey, Derrick shared, "This Outbound Fellowship allowed us to contribute to meaningful change in the lives of women with disabilities in Zanzibar."

Learn more at https://pfpinclusion.org/