MCDD Hosts Project SEARCH Intern

December 19, 2023

The Maryland Center for Development Disabilities (MCDD) recently hosted an intern from Project SEARCH at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Project SEARCH at Kennedy Krieger Institute is a 10-month transition program for individuals 18 through 24 years of age that provides hands-on job training through integrated worksite rotations, career exploration, innovative adaptations and mentoring from experienced staff. Its goal is for interns to use their internships skills to gain competitive employment.

As a Project SEARCH intern with the MCDD, Ugochukwu “Ugo” Martins worked with Project HEAL (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Law) staff attorneys, Annie Carver, Esq., Tyler Cochran, Esq., and Emma Barbato, Esq., as well as the Resource Finder program coordinator, Kristine Nellenbach, MS.

While interning with Project HEAL, Ugo gained insights into upholding a professional demeanor in the workplace. He enjoyed meeting and working with new people, always eager to begin his shift. Ugo assisted in organizing files, checking the mail, creating folders for community events, distributing flyers and tabling for events hosted by Project HEAL. Additionally, he worked on typing documents and creating PowerPoint presentations, further expanding his technology skills.

Ugo contributed to the organization of Kennedy Krieger’s Resource Center by affixing labels with Resource Finder's contact information to each physical resource. He researched the mailing addresses of local organizations, addressed, and stuffed envelopes, and placed packages in the outgoing mail. Ugo participated in MCDD staff meetings and contributed to a cultural and linguistic competency activity where MCDD staff members and trainees shared their favorite holiday traditions.

“Working with Ugo was always the highlight of my day,” said Tyler Cochran, Esq., Project HEAL staff attorney. “He was professional and always eager to begin working his shift. We are so thankful for all his hard work!”

The MCDD is excited about its collaboration with Project SEARCH at Kennedy Krieger Institute and intends to stay involved for many years to come. The program is one of 14 Project SEARCH sites across Maryland.