NSIP 2005-2006 Mini-Grant: New Hampshire

April 21, 2006

Grant Summary

Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire

Mary Schuh, PhD, mcschuh@unh.edu, 775-784-4921

Summary of Proposed Activities and Projected Outcomes:

  • Provide training and education to AmeriCorp leadership, high school guidance counselors, and municipal leaders on topics related to enrolling and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Outcome: Generic AmeriCorp recruitment strategies will include recruiting and supporting members with disabilities. An increase of 20% of members with disabilities will result.

  • Develop a data base of AmeriCorp volunteers with disabilities who can provide training and mentorship to new volunteers with disabilities.

Outcome: Mentorship will result in successful AmeriCorp placement of the 20% new members with disabilities.

  • Explore and develop supports for independent living options for volunteers with disabilities who do not have access to AmeriCorp group supported living opportunities.

Outcome: A menu of potential supports and strategies including vocational rehabilitation and health and human service resources will be available to support volunteers with disabilities living independently. These resources will be assembled and disseminated to AmeriCorps Programs.

  • Explore and develop opportunities within colleges and technical institutions to enroll AmeriCorp volunteers in meaningful roles in the system of long-term care.

Outcome: National service opportunities will expand to include supporting individuals with long-term care needs as components of the program through senior corp and service learning.

  • Work with AmeriCorp leadership to achieve sustainability of program activities through the adaptation of program materials and database of AmeriCorp volunteers with disabilities to serve as mentors and trainers.
Outcome: Individuals with disabilities are included and supported through generic recruitment and program strategies.