2024 AMCHP Annual Conference - Call for Proposals

September 20, 2023

The Call for Proposals for the 2024 AMCHP Annual Conference is now open! We highly encourage those working in community organizations and tribal entities, family leaders, students, and early career professionals to share their completed (or in progress) work under any of 10 subject-focused tracks.  

Given this year’s theme, Partnering with Purpose, it is especially important that AMCHP recognizes that the work of Title V and our members is enhanced immeasurably by working in partnership with community organizations, tribal governments, and family leaders. A key piece of this partnership is listening to and learning from people with lived experience about effective initiatives in their communities and collaborating on ways to further support and sustain that work at the state level. It is also important that we hold space for the voices and ideas of those exploring or preparing to explore career pathways in our diverse field. 

AMCHP is committed to anti-racism and racial equity, and we are working to practice this commitment throughout our organization, including our partnerships, communications, and events. We use opportunities like the 2024 AMCHP Annual Conference to live up to our commitments. We invite you to participate by submitting and presenting your work either as skills-building sessions, workshops, poster sessions, or roundtables. 

AMCHP will continue to make an intentional effort to have members of community-based organizations, tribal entity representatives, family leaders, students, and early career professionals feel welcome at our conference as speakers, thought leaders, experts, and partners. We hope you will consider submitting a proposal or partnering on a proposal this year. The deadline to submit is November 3, 2023.