ICI Laura Bozeman Receives Award

August 15, 2023

Laura Bozeman, professor and graduate program director for Vision Studies, was presented with the Suterko-Cory Award in recognition of her international leadership, dedication to the profession of orientation and mobility, and distinguished efforts to improve services to individuals with a visual impairment. This award recognizes Dr. Bozeman as an international ambassador and role model to orientation and mobility specialists throughout the world. The award recognizes her commitment to the field of vision studies and its expansive reach beyond her home boundaries, with an international impact across the United States as well as the Pacific Islands, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and Ireland. She received this award at the 18th International Mobility Conference held in Warsaw, Poland.

While at the conference, Dr. Bozeman presented “Success Strategies Employed by Blind O&M Candidates and Blind O&M Specialists.” The presentation shared the findings of three research studies conducted to identify the teaching strategies, nonvisual skills, and accommodations used by orientation and mobility specialists (O&M) who were visually impaired. It also included short video clips that demonstrated the skills and techniques.

This award reflects the mission of SGISD to address inequities, and the vision of the university as "a public research university with a teaching soul. UMass Boston brings diverse people and ideas together to seek knowledge and improve lives, here in Boston, across the nation, and around the world." This award further acknowledges the importance of preparing and promoting eminent and emerging UMass Boston scholars for national and international opportunities. Learn more about the Suterko-Cory Award and the two individuals for whom it is named at https://imc18poland.com/suterko-cory-award/.