Center for Disability Resources, University of South Carolina UCEDD Installs Little Free Libraries with Health Focused Information in Rural and Underserved Communities

July 25, 2023

Librarians at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine (SOM) and at the Center for Disability Resources (CDR) Library have installed six Little Free Libraries around the state within rural and/or underserved communities to promote better access to quality, consumer-health resources related to each of the collaborating agencies’ missions.

New books related to developmental disabilities, general consumer health, and childhood trauma, as well as CDR Library and National Library of Medicine materials, such as brochures related to Covid-19 and other health topics, MedlinePlus magazines, and business cards, will be placed in each of the Little Free Libraries, allowing for point-of-need borrowing by the respective community members; this will further function as a simple but effective way to market the CDR Library’s own disability collection and consumer health reference services, available to anyone in the state, free of charge.