July 24, 2013

The purpose of this page is to provide UCEDDs with information about the procedures for closing out their 5-year grant.  

The close-out package is due 90 days after the last day of the grant (June 30), and MUST be received no later than September 29. If a no-cost extension was approved, your final report will be due 90 days after the extended end date.

UCEDDs that are nearing the end of their 5-year grants will receive notification from their grants management specialist in the ACL Office of Grants Management (OGM) that their grants will end on June 30. This notice provides information about the procedures for closing out your 5-year grant.  The following summarizes the information that needs to be submitted to ACL as part of the close out process.

Close Out Package Overview

UCEDDs are required to submit a close-out package that includes the following:

Include your grant number on all reports submitted in the close-out package.

Note that AIDD has responsibility for reviewing the final program progress report; OGM has responsibility for reviewing the other items submitted as part of your close-out. 

All financial and programmatic reports must be submitted to ACL before the grant close-out is final. Any outstanding financial and/or programmatic reports can be submitted with the close-out package.

Note that 5 year close-out packages must be uploaded to GRANT NOTES in GRANT SOLUTIONS -ACL is no longer accepting close -out package submissions via emails.

Guidelines for the Final Program Progress Report

Below is guidance for developing the final program progress report. AIDD does not have specific guidance on report length, but suggests 15-20 pages. It is recommended that you follow the format outlined below in submitting your final report:
Section 1:  Introduction

  •  Summarize major accomplishments over the 5-year period. This may include information about major outcomes and achievements and changes in key personnel (e.g., director, associate director), administrative structure, funding sources, etc.
  •  ­Summarize the number of people reached over the five year period in the core function areas by using data in NIRS.

Section 2:  Organizational Profile

  • Provide a description of the Center, including its organizational structure
    ­Describe any major changes over the course of the 5-year grant, such as changes in the goals, staff, CAC etc.
  • ­Discuss activities with the CAC in the development and review of the final program progress report. If this is included as part of the evaluation plan (see Section 3), you do not need to include it in Section 2.

Section 3: Evaluation Methodology

  •  Include the evaluation plan, if available.
  •  ­If no plan is available, describe the methodology used to measure progress and outcomes over the five year period.
  • Describe the UCEDD's overall program in terms of capacity building, advocacy and systemic change and its impact on the lives of people with IDD in the broader community. (State, National and International levels)

Section 4:  Final Report on UCEDD Accomplishments

  • For each goal, describe the extent to which each goal was achieved by providing qualitative and quantitative information about major accomplishments and outcomes for the 5-year time period
  • ­It is not necessary to describe all activities implemented to achieve a goal. Instead, you can describe major activities over the 5-year period.
  •  ­Where possible, describe the use of capacity building, advocacy, and systemic change activities to achieve a goal.

Section 5:  Funds Leveraged Overall

Provide a summary of the funds leveraged over the course of the 5- year grant using the following categories:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local
  • Private Sources (Foundation/Donation)
  • Fee-for Services
  • Other

­Provide the average dollar amount leveraged per core dollar across the 5-year period.

Section 6:  Summary of Collaborative Efforts with the DD Network

  • Provide a summary of major activities of the DD Network.
  • ­This may be accomplished by focusing on one project, activity, or area of emphasis.
  • ­Describe major accomplishments resulting from the collaboration.


  • ­Include as appropriate an appendix with documents supporting the narrative report.
  • ­Be sure to cross-reference items appearing in the appendix with the narrative report.


For answers to questions, including how to request an extention, please contact your AIDD project officer.