AUCD Leadership Academy

June 25, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 AUCD Leadership Academy participants who completed a week-long program designed to enhance the skills of current and emerging leaders from the disability network to build coalitions to improve systems of support and services. During the Leadership Academy, participants explored shared values and commitments to civil and human rights, assessed their strengths and strengths, developed skills in building partnerships to achieve collective impact, and established personal and professional leadership goals. Leadership Academy staff, local coaches, national allies, and, most importantly, fellow cohort members contributed to the experience's richness.

2023 AUCD Leadership Academy Particpants

  • Nia Anderson, Research Assistant,  Wayne State University, MI UCEDD
  • Jennifer Bose, Research Data Coordinator< University of Massuchusettes Boston, MA UCEDD
  • Jennifer, Brown, Training and Developmental Consultant, University of New Mexico, NY UCEDD
  • Laura, Butler, Project Director, University of Kentucky, KY UCEDD
  • Wendy, Dean, Disability Advocate, Georgia Advocacy Organization, GA P&A
  • Dr. Aimee Deliramich, LEND Interdiscplinary Diagostics, University of South Dakota, SD LEND   
  • Mary Di Biase, Training Associate, University of Massuchusettes Boston, MA UCEDD   
  • Kaci Fleetwood, State Coordinator, AWARE, University of Nevado-Reno, UT UCEDD
  • LaTysa Flowers-Jackson, Family Support, CA LEND  
  • Gale Hann, Senior Research Biostatistician, University of Oklahoma, OK UCEDD/LEND
  • Jason Harris, Director of Strategic Operations, University of Cincinnati, OH Partner 
  • Thomas McRoberts, Director of Family Services Training, University of Alaska, AK UCEDD
  • Charlie Miller, Legislative Advocacy Director, Georgia Council On Developmental Disabilities, Partner
  • Nathaidia Moeai, Project Coordinator, American Samoa Community College, AS, AS UCEDD/LEND
  • Jonna Mulvaney, Program/Data Coordinator, Rhode Island Childrens Hospital, RI LEND
  • Vanessa Ochoa, Special Advisor, Disability Rights California, P&A
  • Janie Poncelet, Research Coordinator, NCSS at University of New Hampshire, NH UCEDD
  • Sarah Sadowski Program Director, NHLS at Univeristy of New Hampshire, NH UCEDD
  • Dylan Schauben, Social Work/Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia State University, GA LEND
  • Valerie Smith De-Jesus, Program Administrator, University of Rochester, UCEDD
  • Noor, Syed, Founding Director, Center of Autism Advocacy, Suny Empire State College, Partner 
  • Kelly Von Lehnden, Training Director, Univerity of Iowa, IA LEND
  • Cara Whalen Smith, Project Director, Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center, Partner