How Neuroscience Informs Our Understanding of Autism

September 20, 2022

AUCD's network of Intellectual and Developmental Disability Research Centers (IDDRCs) consists of 16 Centers. Fifteen Centers currently receive funding from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). IDDRCs contribute to the development and implementation of evidence-based practices by evaluating the effectiveness of biological, biochemical, and behavioral interventions; developing assistive technologies; and advancing prenatal diagnosis and newborn screening.

Co-directors of the Iowa Hawk-IDDRC, Lane Strathearn, MBBS, PhD, and Ted Abel, PhD discuss the new Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center in today's Rounding@Iowa podcast, and how neuroscience informs healthcare, education, support services and public policy for individuals with autism.

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