Kathleen Zimmerman Receives Grant to Support K-2 Students

April 13, 2023

Kathleen Zimmerman, assistant professor of special education and researcher at the KU Center on Developmental Disabilities (KUCDD), received a 4-year grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to support students in K-2 classrooms who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. 

Zimmerman’s team has completed the 1st phase of the project, a survey of 450 teachers: 82% agreed if students are engaged in instruction, challenging behaviors are less likely to be exhibited; 91% felt educational staff should learn interventions to increase engagement in the classroom; and 90% reported finding engagement interventions on social media sites. The team is now recruiting teachers to observe their behavioral interventions.

You can learn more about Kathleen Zimmerman’s research at http://bit.ly/43nw2e6.