Special Education Research & Bots Survey

April 12, 2023

Are you a researcher who studies services and/or supports for children/youth with disabilities? Have you conducted at least one online research survey anytime between January 2010 and today?

Researchers from Coastal University and Vanderbilt University are recruiting participants for a research study to learn about your experiences conducting online surveys in special education and related fields, including any experiences you may or may not have had with online bots. Research must have been intended for dissemination and/or improvement of services and supports for children, youth, young adults with disabilities, their families, teachers, and/or related service providers. Research topics may include, but are not limited to; early intervention, school-aged special education, pre-and post-secondary transition supports and services.

If interested, please complete this brief screener: https://redcap.link/swisjz9b

If they meet participation requirements, participants will be sent a link to complete the full survey, which will take approximately 50-60 minutes to complete, depending on how much you choose to share.

Please consider forwarding this survey opportunity with colleagues in the field. We are excited to learn about your experiences!

Questions? Email Dr. Olivia Enders at [email protected] or Dr. Rachel Schles at [email protected].