NSIP 2005-2006 Mini-Grant: Maine

April 21, 2006

Grant Summary

Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, University of Maine

Janet May, janet.may@umit.maine.edu, 207-581-1383

The goal of the Access Community Volunteers (ACV) project is to develop and build networks to expand participation in volunteer opportunities by people who have developmental disabilities within AmeriCorps programs in Maine. The Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies (CCIDS) at The University of Maine will accomplish this goal in partnership with the Maine Commission for Community Service (MCCS), Maine's AmeriCorps programs, and community service providers that provide supports to individuals who have developmental disabilities.
The goal will be achieved through the following activities: development of a Community Service Interest Inventory (CSII) appropriate for use with individuals with developmental disabilities; outreach to community service providers and self-advocacy organizations to inform them of the project and seek their participation; conduct the Community Service Interest Inventory with participating organizations in order to determine the interests of potential participants with developmental disabilities; complete an inventory of the AmeriCorps programs to identify the range of the projects and potential for volunteer placement and activities; and, in collaboration with MCCS, and participating organizations, match the volunteers to volunteer opportunities in their communities. Individuals with developmental disabilities will be engaged with other volunteers and community service providers will collaborate to provide support to the individuals as appropriate.


  1. Development and dissemination of a Community Service Interest Inventory.
  2. Placement of 10 individuals with developmental disabilities in volunteer or member positions within AmeriCorps projects.
  3. Increased knowledge among AmeriCorps projects regarding the recruitment and accommodation of people with disabilities as volunteers and members.
  4. Increased knowledge among community providers of services and supports to individuals with disabilities regarding AmeriCorps and community-based volunteering.
  5. Development of a plan with MCCS to sustain and expand these activities when the contract period ends.