CAR Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Kaplan- Kahn Featured on Autism Science Foundation Podcast

March 10, 2023


pdf File Parents of Autistic Children Who Are Minimally Veral or Have Intellectual Disability Needed for Online Study (580KB) [download]

The Center for Autism Research (CAR) Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Kaplan- Kahn was featured on #ASFpodcast! The CAR team is working to improve a measure of Quality of Life for autistic individuals who are minimally verbal or have cognitive disabilities. These individuals may have different outcomes as other autistics, but their responses are just as important.

Dr. Kaplan-Kahn talks about what it means, how it is related to other outcomes collected, and what CAR is doing to improve Quality of Life measures. You can listen here:

If you are a parent/ caregiver of a child between 5-17 years old who is minimally verbal or has an intellectual disability and want to help with improving measures of Quality of Life, click here: