An Overview of the Resource Finder at the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities

January 12, 2023

The Resource Finder is a project of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD), housed within Kennedy Krieger Institute. The project provides a valuable tool for patients, students, families, and professionals, allowing them to obtain information and access resources on intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community members can call, email or submit an online form requesting information, resources, or services based on their specific needs.

The program coordinator, Kristine Nellenbach, compiles and disseminates personalized resources and information in response to every inquiry that is received. The Resource Finder is available to anyone, regardless of age, location, language, or disability. People may request their response be sent through email, phone call, or physical mail. A translating service, Cyracom, is used to communicate with people who speak languages other than English. Family members and professionals may contact the Resource Finder on behalf of another person.

The Resource Finder project also includes a Resource Center. The Resource Center is a physical space located on the ground floor of the Kennedy Krieger Institute outpatient building (801 N. Broadway in Baltimore, Maryland) and is open to all Kennedy Krieger patients, students, families, faculty, staff, or trainees.  Within the Resource Center are shelves and display cases containing brochures, pamphlets, and other paper materials from reputable organizations, covering topics relevant to those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The Resource Center also provides access to two desktop computers, a printer, and a phone for complimentary use by our patients, students, and families. The program coordinator’s office is located within the Resource Center. Inquirers are welcome to visit the program coordinator and converse in person about their needs. People are invited to leave a completed form in the drop-box or scan posted QR codes when the program coordinator is out of the office, to be contacted later with a list of resources.

A resource binder was created to provide information about Kennedy Krieger clinics and programs. The binder includes a fact sheet for each clinic/program and a QR code for the accompanying website. There is also a table of contents, table of contents “cheat sheet”, which allows users to locate factsheets by various topics, and visual guides for utilizing the Google Translate app on both iPhone and Android, which allows users to scan the factsheets and translate the content into almost any language. The binder is housed in the Resource Center and is also available to anyone visiting the MCDD table at resource fairs and events.

The Resource Finder is a valuable program that can be used to increase knowledge and access to resources for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. To submit an inquiry to the Resource Finder, choose an option from the list below:

Call: 443-923-2790
Email: [email protected]
Online Form:
Visit: 801 N. Broadway Baltimore, MD 21205