Frankenberg Visiting Professorship for Early Development and Behavior Challenges in Primary Care

December 19, 2022

Dr. Pamela HighDr. Pamela High, director of Rhode Island LEND and Brown University’s Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics fellowship program, was honored to be invited as the 10th visiting professor for the annual Frankenberg Visiting Professorship & Lectureship at the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Dr. Frankenburg recognized the importance of developmental surveillance and screening as a key component of pediatric primary care, and went on to develop the Denver Developmental Screening Test. This and his pioneering work enabled developmental screening to become an integral element of pediatric practices worldwide.

Dr. High discussed the history of the field of Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics with the University of Colorado DBP team. She conducted a workshop on fostering healthy behavior and development and addressing behavioral challenges in young children in primary care. Her Grand Rounds lecture described opportunities to improve school readiness and a child’s life course in pediatric practice and advocacy.