Multicultural Council Governance & Operational Procedures/Rules

September 5, 2007

Sections One - Three: Purpose; Functions; Membership
Sections Four - Seven: Organization; Elections of Officers; Duties of Officers; Vote
Sections Eight - Eleven: Quorum; Meetings; Amendments; Council Liaisons

Section 1. Purpose

The Multicultural Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is established as an integral part of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (hereinafter referred to as the Association). The purpose of the Council is to advocate on behalf of the cultural diversity and cultural competence mandates of the Developmental Disabilities Act and other relevant legislation and policy as amended. The Council fulfills this purpose for the Association and its constituent membership by serving as a vehicle for technical assistance, providing input into policy, and engaging in other support activities deemed necessary by the MCC Network to advance the mandate for cultural competence. The primary purpose of the Council is for training, direct service, outreach, technical assistance, clinical services, research, and dissemination to be provided in a culturally competent manner and secure the meaningful participation of individuals from diverse racial and ethnic and linguistically diverse backgrounds at all levels of the Association's membership.

Section 2. Functions

The Council shall: serve as a focus for the identification and discussion of issues regarding cultural competence and cultural diversity; serve as a representative voice of the cultural diversity and cultural competence interests and concerns within the network and throughout all network association network; and influence the development and implementation of national policies and initiatives relevant to achieving and sustaining cultural competence and cultural diversity within each member program.

Section 3. Membership

The Council membership shall consist of one representative, endorsed by Director of the member program, who shall serve an unlimited term as long as they are the Multicultural or Diversity Director/Coordinator. If no such position exists, a designee who best represents the overall cultural diversity and cultural competence interests of that Association member shall be designated to the Council by the program's Director.

Section 4. Composition of Council

There shall be officers of the Council, which will include the Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair and Secretary. The Council Chair and two other members will comprise the nominating committee. Ad Hoc committees will be established as necessary to conduct specific business. Council liaisons to Association committees/councils will be appointed at the request of the Chair with the approval of the Officers.

Section 5. Election of Officers

All Council members are eligible to be nominated to serve as officers of the council's executive committee. The Council Chair will be elected for three years, a term that is consistent with the term of office of the Association Board of Directors. The Council Vice Chair will be elected for a one-year term. The Council Secretary will be elected for a one-year term. The Vice Chair and Secretary may serve multiple consecutive terms. The Past Chair will serve for one year immediately following their term as Chair.

Nominations for the executive committee will be conducted by electronic mail and/or web-based medium at least one month prior to the election. There will be only one vote for each Council member. Each officer will be selected by a majority of those voting within the designated time frame shown on the ballot. Upon a tied vote of any executive committee member of the council, the election end date shall first be extended for an additional week to allow for additional voting to break the tied vote, if the extended voting period does not resolve the tied vote, the council's current Chair shall ask the current Board of Directors President make a final vote to break said tie.

Section 6. Duties of Officers

Council Chair shall:

  • Develop an agenda prior to meetings of the Council,
  • Conduct all meetings of the Council,
  • Promote the mission and purpose of the Council set forth in these bylaws operational procedures,
  • Represent the Council on the Associations Board of Directors,
  • Report to the Council the business of the Association's Board of Directors,
  • Report to the Association's Board the activities and recommendations of the Council
  • Participate in and on/in all Council Executive Committee calls and activities, and
  • May delegate duties necessary to ensure that all functions of the Council are met.


Vice Chair shall:

  • Assist in planning the Councils program for meetings,
  • Promote the mission and purpose of the Council in collaboration with the Chair,
  • Participate in and on/in all Council Executive Committee calls and activities, and
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Chair.

Past Chair shall:

  • Promote the mission and purpose of the Council and
  • Provide counsel to the Chair and other officers for a period of one year.

Secretary shall:

  • Maintain minutes of all meetings, to include facet-face meeting, conference calls and other media transfers,
  • Work with Council Chair and central office staff to post minutes to web and update website as needed,
  • Disseminate all materials developed by the Council, and 
  • Maintain an up-to-date membership list.


Executive Committee:

  • Will consist of the council chairs, vice chair, secretary and past chair (for the applicable term).
  • The executive committee will meet (either in person or by conference call) no less that 4 times per year.
  • The executive committee is responsible for keeping the council efforts and work moving forward

Section 7. Vote

At each meeting each Council member present will have one vote on any Council business. Center representation will consist of one person from each network program (one representative from a UCE/LEND, or one representative from a UCE or LEND. If a voting member and not available, voting member may vote by proxy via an alternate from their program, or vote via email in advance of a voting issue. It is the responsibility of the chair to notify the council not later than 2 weeks in advance of any issue needing a council vote. Proxy and advance email votes will be counted after the floor votes are counted.

Section 8. Quorum

A quorum to conduct business shall consist of those members present. An announcement of each meeting and proposed agenda will be distributed to the entire Council membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

Section 9. Meetings and Conference Calls

There shall be conducted no less than two Council meeting per year. One will be fulfilled in tandem with the Association Meeting but may be accomplished through other means that include conference calls, face-to-face meetings and media transfer. Announcement of the general business meeting and agenda shall be made at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Members participating on conference calls should always identify their presence for record purposes.

Section 10. Amendments

Amendments to this governance/operational rules will be adopted if approved by a majority of the Council's membership who vote within the designated time frame given for responses. Notice of the proposed change(s) will be distributed no less than a month in advance to the Council's vote.

Section 11. Council Liaisons

Council liaisons to Association committees/councils will be appointed at the request of the Chair with the approval of the Officers. Liaisons are responsible for ensuring that culturally diverse approaches are considered in all Councils and committees, for reporting information and concerns to the assigned Councils and committees and for reporting back to the Multicultural Council. In order to be included in the next meeting agenda, items, which need to be considered by the Council, must be reported to the Chair within 30 days of receiving such information.