IGROW Project at Texas A&M University Student Highlight

July 26, 2022

The future is looking pretty sweet for this amazing young lady! M.W. spent her summer exploring the world of baking and bakery ownership with Liz Smith of Country Road Baking Co.

During her 5 week work experience she learned about food preparation and safety, food quality standards, communicating with customers and taking orders, baking techniques and creativity with flavor and texture. She learned how to make specialty desserts including custom cookies, cupcakes and cakes.

She also worked with the owner to help build the company website! 

When asked what her favorite part of the job was she said “making peanut butter balls!”. She also said she intends to continue exploring the field of culinary arts during her years in high school and beyond.

We are so excited for you M.W.! You are our Aggie #igrowweeklywhoop of the week! Thank you for representing our program so well. You make us proud!