NH Leadership Series Graduate Receives SAR-TAC Fellowship

June 16, 2022

Website Link  https://iod.unh.edu/blog/2022/05/nh-leadership-series-graduate-receives-sar-tac-fellowship

Nathaniel Livernois ‘22, has received a prestigious fellowship from the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered and ACL's Administration on Disabilities. The fellowship provides full funding for six self-advocates to carry out independently designed self-advocacy leadership and policy-related projects with host organizations.

“The NH Leadership Series is pleased to be a host site for Nathaniel's fellowship,” said Sarah Sadowski, Project Director of the NH Leadership Series. “Hosting a fellow from a national self-advocacy organization is an exciting opportunity to connect with a large network and different perspectives on how to teach disability history.”

Nathaniel is a graduate of the NH Leadership Series and Assumption College and has served as a member of his local Partners in Health Family Support Council since he turned 18. He will use his SARTAC fellowship to conduct a thorough evaluation of the evolution of disability policy, education, and culture. Nathaniel’s research will be used to inform the history curriculum of the NH Leadership Series.

"With this project, I look forward to creating materials that will help others learn more about the whole of disability history... My goal is to let this greater knowledge allow people with disabilities and their families make more informed decisions on how to take action, whatever the cause may be." -Nathaniel Livernois

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