2022 Emerging Leaders Map: Supporting Resiliency and Self-Determination for All

June 6, 2022

Website Link  https://www.aucd.org/emergingleaders/Connect/AUCD-Emerging-Leaders-Map

The 2022 Emerging Leaders Map has now launched! The AUCD Emerging Leaders Map highlights the contributions of emerging leaders, who are current and former trainees at LENDs, DBPs, UCEDDs, and IDDRCs. The theme of this year’s map is Supporting Resiliency and Self-Determination for All.

Resiliency means being able to keep going after hard or challenging situations. Another word for resiliency is “strength.” Self-determination means choosing your path or goals in life. We all want to choose something in our lives that makes us happy or helps us reach our goals. Self-determination is when you can make those choices for yourself.

The Emerging Leaders Map is a great way to explore ongoing activities in the network and brainstorm ideas for your program or center. Emerging leaders featured on the map provided their social media information to promote networking. If you have any questions about the map, please contact Maureen Johnson at [email protected]