Indiana LEND Psychology Trainee Amani Khalil was Awarded the Division 33 APA Student Research Award

May 6, 2022

Indiana LEND psychology trainee Amani Khalil was awarded the Division 33 APA Student Research Award and will present her poster at the APA conference in Minneapolis in August.

Amani Khalil is a PhD Candidate in Counseling Psychology at Purdue University.  Her poster is titled “Help-Seeking Barriers for Racial-Ethnic Minority Caregivers Accessing Autism Interventions: A Systematic Review” and shares about work related to both her LEND leadership project and her dissertation.  All authors on the poster are: Amani Khalil, M.S.Ed., Niamh Christie, Xiang Zhou, Ph.D., Jane Yatcilla, M.L.S. 

The American Psychological Association’s Division 33 is a professional organization concerned with psychological research, professional education, and clinical services that address the needs of individuals with IDD/ASD across the life span.