In Twenty-Two Cents an Hour, Doug Crandell Uncovers the Harsh Reality of People with Disabilities in the United States Who are Forced to Work in Unethical Conditions for Subminimum Wages with Little or No Opportunity to Advocate for Themselves

April 1, 2022

Doug Crandell is Public Service Faculty at the Institute on Human Development and Disability at the University of Georgia UCEDD and the author of several books and novels, most recently They're Calling You Home. Doug’s new book Twenty-Two Cents an Hour will be available starting APRIL 15, 2022. In this book, Doug Crandell uncovers the harsh reality of people with disabilities in the United States who are forced to work in unethical conditions for subminimum wages with little or no opportunity to advocate for themselves, while wealthy CEOs grow even wealthier as a direct result. "Twenty-Two Cents an Hour is a powerful analysis of the history and use of 14(c) certificates in the United States that sends shivers. An important addition to the literature on disability employment policy." -- Susan Rinne, codirector, Work to Include