WIHD Develops Post-COVID Roadmap to Recovery and Resilience

April 1, 2022

The COVID-19  pandemic disrupted WIHD's operations in an unprecedented way compelling the organization to rapidly shift service delivery models to ensure that our critical services could continue with little interruption. We had to rethink and adjust many processes; develop and implement new business models; modify employment practices; and adopt new technologies.

WIHD took on the challenge of strategic planning during these uncertain times in order to be well-positioned to respond to whatever scenarios may arise over the coming years. This effort culminated in the development of what we are calling our Post- COVID Roadmap. While different than a traditional strategic plan, it will serve as a clear guidepost to direct our work over the coming years. It outlines the areas on which we need to focus over the next 1 to 3   years to position WIHD to flexibly respond to an ever-evolving environment and to be proactive in seeking new opportunities. WIHD has become adept at flexing and changing and this plan lays out a roadmap for emerging from the pandemic and remaining a strong and vibrant organization.

A copy of WIHD’s Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024: A Roadmap to Recovery and Resilience can be found here https://bit.ly/wihdstrategicplan