Request for Applications- Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Coaches

Deadline to submit a proposal: March 21st, 2022

February 25, 2022


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Statement of Purpose

The UCEDD Resource Center (URC) launched a multi-pronged technical assistance initiative to support UCEDDs in implementing the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan. In continuation of this initiative, the URC is seeking applications from UCEDD leaders across the AUCD network to serve as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion coaches. Coaches may provide individualized coaching to network members, respond to rapid response requests, and support implementation of the technical assistance initiative by presenting at webinars and supporting content of the ED&I Action Plan Implementation groups.

Background on the ED&I Action Plan and the URC's Technical Assistance Initiative to Support Implementation

Completed in 2019, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan for the UCEDD National Network (referred to as the ED&I Action Plan) was developed by multiple UCEDD leaders with support from the UCEDD Resource Center (URC), advice from a team of UCEDD faculty and staff, and funding from the Administration on Community Living (ACL). The ED&I Action Plan identifies four priority areas that are essential to address the persistent inequities experienced by people at the intersection of marginalized racial, ethnic, and disability identities: these include Workforce Diversity, Cultural and Linguistic Competence, Local /State Impact, and Crosscutting Considerations. Each of the four areas includes objectives, action steps, and strategies that can be taken by the UCEDD network, including ACL’s Office on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, AUCD, the UCEDD Resource Center, and individual UCEDDs. This TA initiative focuses on the implementation of individual UCEDDs.

The URC proposed, and ACL approved, a national TA initiative to drive implementation of the ED&I Action Plan across the UCEDD network. The URC planned this initiative with the input of prospective implementors, ED&I Action Plan authors, the AUCD Councils, and other key partners. In 2021, the TA Initiative started with the launch of three implementation groups, a quarterly webinar series, and a coaching initiative.

To date, we’ve supported nineteen implementors from seventeen UCEDDs in communities of practice focused on Research & Evaluation, Cultural and Linguistic Competency, and Strategic Planning as it relates to the ED&I Action Plan. We’ve hosted three webinars to support implementation of the Action plan and support its incorporation into the UCEDD core grant application. From May-September 2022 we had six coaches who provided one on one consultation to network members on topics including:

  • Meaningfully involving your CAC in implementing the Action Plan,
  • Choosing assessments for cultural and linguistic competency
  • Developing curriculums and staff professional development, and
  • Integrating elements of the ED&I Action Plan into the core function goals of the UCEDD five-year plan

To continue this initiative, we are looking to hire four network members to serve as coaches and consultants focused on topics related to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Role of Coaches

Many AUCD network members have had success and hold significant expertise in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion both within their UCEDDs and championing within their universities. To support this technical assistance plans, the UCEDD Resource Center is seeking network experts who are ready, willing, and able to serve as coaches to other network leaders.

Coaches (or their affiliated institutions) will be paid $150/hour for a maximum of 20 hours between March-September 2022.

Serving as a coach may involve any of the following:

  • Providing individualized coaching to network memebrs per the request of the URC
  • Responding to rapid response requests from the network related to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and
  • Supporting the implementation of this technical assistance initiative, including presenting at webinars and supporting content of the implementation groups

Who Should Serve as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Coaches?

UCEDD leaders who have a record of successfully implementing elements of the Action Plan are encouraged to apply to be coaches.

Coaches will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • success in implementing elements of the ED&I Action Plan within their UCEDD
  • experience in coaching, mentorship, training, or technical assistance around equity, diversity, and/or inclusion
  • support from UCEDD leadership

The cohort of coaches selected will aim to have a diverse set of skills, competencies, and areas of expertise related to equity, diversity, and inclusion and the Action Plan.  The cohort of coaches will aim to be diverse in regard to race/ethnicity and other social identity categories, as well as representative of the national network in terms of UCEDD structure and regional representation. 

How do you apply?

Email a cover letter addressing the above selection criteria, resume, and three examples of relevant work to [email protected] by Monday March 21st, 2022. If you are not the Director of your UCEDD, please also include a letter from your UCEDD Director indicating support for your application and commitment to enabling time in your work schedule to provide coaching, if selected.