Welcome 2021-2022 AUCD Trainee Liaisons

February 14, 2022

We are excited to announce the 2021-2022 cohort of Trainee Liaisons! Please join us in welcoming these new leaders to our community.

Trainee Liaisons (TLs) are nominated trainees at LEND/DBP training programs, UCEDDs, and IDDRCs who volunteer to engage in information sharing and dialogue on trainee-related matters between their Program/Center, trainees at other AUCD member sites, and the AUCD national office. TLs develop their leadership and communication skills, form relationships with AUCD Trainees from across the country, and learn how a national organization communicates with its members and other partners.


Adriana Mason
Boston Children's Hospital/Institute for Community Inclusion
Family Discipline

Kalie Kowalski
Georgetown University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Speech and Language Pathology Discipline

Alexis Schultz
Audiology Discipline

Katie Fullerton
Special Education Discipline 

Amy Barto
MI-LEND (Michigan LEND Program)
Advocacy/Self-advocacy Discipline

Kendra Middlebrook
LEND and UCEDD/Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Public Health – Epidemiology Discipline 

Axie Acosta
Northern California LEND
Research/Psychology Discipline

Laura Lillis
Audiology Discipline 

Brandon Lewis
Riley Child Development Center- LEND
Public Health Discipline


Laura Sarchet
University of Rochester/ Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities
Special Education/Self-Advocacy Discipline 

Caroline Hobson
University of Miami
Mailman Center for Child Development
Family Leader Trainee (Sibling) Discipline 

Lauren Shepler
Nisonger Center - The Ohio State University
Self-Advocate Discipline

Danielle Gerber
Family Discipline 

Maria Delrosario
University of Alaska Anchorage
Center for Human Development
Family Discipline

Debbie Vermillion
University of Virginia Blue Ridge LEND
Family Discipline

Marissa Gray
University of Tennessee Health Science Center LEND
Psychiatric Nursing Discipline

Dominique Reminick
NJLEND/ The Boggs Center (NJ)
Psychology Discipline

Melanie Davis
Munroe-Meyer Institute
Disability Policy and Legislation,
Self-advocacy, & Leadership Discipline 

Ellen Sullivan
Family Discipline

Molly Kessler
Oregon Health & Science University
Occupational Therapy Discipline

Gail Hovanesian
LoneStar LEND
Family Discipline

Myrna Veguilla
Florida Center for Inclusive Communities
Education, PBS, Data Analytics Discipline 

Ivette Merced
Arizona LEND
School Psychology Discipline

Rachel Severs
Riley Developmental Medicine - Indiana LEND
Clinical Psychology Discipline 

Jfur Erixon
Center for Disabilities and Development
Social Work Discipline