2022 AUCD Board Special Election: Nominations Requested

Deadline: January 28, 2022

January 14, 2022


doc File AUCD Board Member Representational Seat Nomination Form (35KB) [download]

AUCD is currently seeking nominations for the following position to the AUCD Board of Directors:

  • One (1) representational seat to be filled by a person with a disability

At its January meeting, the AUCD Board voted to add a seat to the Board of Directors. AUCD bylaws were amended in 2019 to authorize this. The process is designed to fill identified gaps in the Board’s composition, based on the annual Board profile data collected each spring.


At-Large Member Candidate Eligibility

  • The eligibility for a representational member is broader than at-large members and can include anyone who is part of a network member center or program. They need not be in a leadership role.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Be willing to serve on the AUCD Board
  • Have the support of their member program director for the time and financial costs related to Board participation
      • The Board generally meets face-to-face three times each year. One of these meetings is held in conjunction with the fall AUCD Conference.
                • Currently, the Board is holding virtual meetings. The first in-person Board meeting could be the Summer Board Retreat in June 2022.
  • Participate in bi-monthly Board conference calls
  • Participate on Board committees, which may also meet monthly via separately scheduled conference calls


Nominate an Individual

Please use the form at right to nominate an individual for a Board representational seat. Before making a nomination, please ensure potential nominees are (1) willing to serve on the AUCD Board for the specified term and (2) have the financial support of their center to travel to meetings (or have communicated with AUCD about the need for potential financial support). A separate form must be completed for each individual nominated. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. Supplemental information in support of candidacy is welcome. The AUCD Board specifically encourages nominations of people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Board Nominating Committee which consists of both Board and network members. In addition to the strength of the application materials, the Nominating Committee will use a range of information that helps to determine the demographic, program, diversity, and other needs of the current Board, in determining a slate of candidates for voting.

Once the Nominating Committee has determined a slate of candidates, those individuals will be asked to complete a brief bio-sketch regarding the potential candidate's vision for AUCD and their leadership and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These statements and a photo will be posted alongside the final slate of candidates on the election website that will go out to Directors for voting in February.

We encourage participation in this process so that an excellent slate of candidates can be presented to the Association membership for election.



All nomination forms are due by COB on Friday, January 28th to Liz Schneider at [email protected].



Questions about the nomination and/or election process should be directed to Liz Schneider at [email protected], or Executive Director John Tschida at [email protected].