Liz's Top 5 Favorite AUCD2021 Concurrent Sessions

December 23, 2021

Liz Weintraub from AUCD’s hit series, Tuesdays with Liz, shares her favorite concurrent sessions from the AUCD 2021 Virtual Conference. Here are the sessions that attendees should check out via the conference platform!


Connect with Plain Language

This panel discussion highlighted the importance of plain language so that everyone has a say in research, advocacy, and teaching. Liz is a panel member because she thinks plain language is for everyone because ALL means ALL. You must use plain language with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Find this session on Monday’s agenda during the 3:30pm time slot.


Reconciling the Past, Changing the Future

This session gave researchers space to understand and say sorry for making mistakes and leaving people with disabilities out of the conversation. This may open feelings about the past, but it does affect the lives of people with disabilities. Liz says we can’t deny the past, so it’s important to listen to people change the future.

Find this session on Tuesday’s agenda during the 1:45pm time slot.


Promoting Alternatives to Guardianship for Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This session discussed guardianship and how it can hold students back from following their dreams. Liz really enjoyed how they talked about supportive decision making that will not hold people back. This is an important resource for those who are trying to follow their dreams.

Find this session on Tuesday’s agenda during the 1:45pm time slot.


Person-Centered Practices and Culture: Storytelling from Lived Experience

Storytelling is a great source for advocates and this session shared how researchers can also use it. Liz loves to share stories, so everyone knows what’s important to her. More stories can help people follow their dreams. Liz said, “people with disabilities are humans and have dreams as well.”

Find this session on Tuesday’s agenda during the 1:45pm time slot.


Life after IPSE: Supporting Individuals with IDD to Lead IPSE Research & Evaluations Initiatives

This session shared how alumni of the inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) went from interning to leading a research project on the impact of IPSE programs in Georgia. Liz enjoyed this session because advocates with a disability had an idea and then made it happen. Liz believes this is one of the best examples of “nothing about us, without us.”

Find this session on Tuesday’s agenda during the 3:30pm time slot.