New Resources from AAP Telehealth Available

October 1, 2021

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As part of the "Supporting Providers and Families to Access Telehealth and Distant Care Services for Pediatric Care" project, with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health Bureau, there are several new resources available for pediatric care providers, as well as for supporting medical home teams in building partnerships with families and implementing family-centered telehealth. These resources cover different strategies for telehealth implementation including tips to help minimize implementation barriers as well as important considerations when using telehealth services as part of a medical home model of care.

This free PediaLink course is to educate pediatric health care professionals on how to increase their pediatric team capacity in providing preventive, acute, and chronic care via telehealth for children and adolescents. This course consists of six units on providing telehealth and distant care services as part of the medical home model of care - 3 units focus on general telehealth, and 3 module focus on telehealth for children and youth with special health care needs.

  • SPARK Trainings:
    • Topic 1: Promoting Family Centered Care for CYSHCN through Telehealth
    • Topic 2: Using Telehealth to Support Interdisciplinary Care Delivery for CYSHCN Within the Medical Home

SPARK trainings are 15-20 minute presentations with facilitator's notes intended to spark discussions within your practice. These trainings go over strategies pediatricians can use to engage families/caregivers of CYSHCN during telehealth visits, tips for building effective family/professional partnerships as well as provides strategies for supporting interdisciplinary team-based care delivery for CYSHCN through telehealth. The training materials consist of PowerPoint slides, speakers notes, and a case study and can be presented anywhere from staff meetings to professional development opportunities.

This tip sheet aims to provide practical considerations to help ensure equitable access to telehealth for patients from diverse and underserved communities. 

This tip sheet includes steps for clinician and the care team to implement in order to ensure their families/caregivers are well informed before, during and after a telehealth visit.

This tip sheet aims to provide practical considerations for evaluating and sustaining telehealth.

This tip sheet shares important information related to providing care for adolescents via telehealth, including tips for a successful telehealth visit with an adolescent, which components of a health supervision visit can be done virtually and in alignment with Bright Futures, and considerations for screening in a virtual environment.

Virtual office hours are short, 30-minute interactive webinars that feature 1-2 experts discussing topics related to providing care via telehealth, followed by a short Q&A session. New recordings are posted periodically. Specific topics include: