The Ohio State University Nisonger Center Next Chapter Book Club Updates

September 2, 2021

Each of the 11 Next Chapter Book Clubs in central Ohio, which had been meeting virtually for the past year, voted in July to either return to in-person meetings, remain virtual, or create a hybrid schedule. Seven clubs eagerly chose to begin meeting in-person again, and members and facilitators in these clubs have been greatly enjoying the chance to be together. Three book clubs chose to remain virtual, and one club chose a hybrid schedule; however, due to recent increases in COVID cases, the hybrid club has chosen to go back to all-virtual meetings. But make no mistake, these virtual clubs know how to have a good time! After a co-facilitator of a virtual club had a baby in July, club members had a fun conversation about their favorite childhood books and decided to gift the baby with a small but specially curated library. Also in the past year, three women with IDD/ASD have become NCBC co-facilitators. All of these women are former club members, and all are doing a fantastic job in their new roles! Throughout all the ups and downs of the past year, NCBC members and facilitators have shown great patience and dedication to their clubs.

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