Trainee Voice: What I Learned in LEND by Victoria Murray

September 1, 2021

In May 2021, the Hawaii MCH LEND Program congratulated 22 long term trainees on their successful completion of the Program. At the final training session, trainee Victoria Murray (Discipline: Self-Advocacy) shared a beautiful poem with the cohort that captured what she learned in the Program. We wanted to share that poem with all of you:

What I learned in LEND
is about Medicaid so that I can comprehend
what it's about
without a doubt
in my mind
so that I am more inclined
to know more about Medicaid 101 when it's well defined.

Medicaid has been here from 1965 to the present
that sounds pleasant
the department of human services, Medicaid and Medicare services and the med-quest division
went into a partnership
so that they are well equipped
to provide services to those in need
and they will succeed
because of the Medicaid system that they lead.

I also learned about child screening and early intervention
because most children need to be evaluated for if they can pay attention
This is done every year to assess the developmental milestones
sometimes this is done in the homes
where children play and roam
And OT, PT and speech therapist are in the zone
Providing care
Because they are there
To help kids thrive
Staying alive
Having the means to survive on their own
And they know that they are not alone.