FY2008 UCEDD 5-Year Application Webinar

September 11, 2007

4:00-5:30 pm eastern
Speaker: Jennifer Johnson

Due to technical difficulties, an audio recording of this webinar is not available.

Please see the accompanying PowerPoint Presentation belowfor more information and contact Jennifer Johnson by email or telephone (202) 690-5982 with any additional questions.

This webinar provided a "follow up" to the August 8th webinar, Developing and Communicating a 5-year Plan, facilitated by Rich Carroll and Andy Bacon.

This webinar was directed at the 17 UCEDDs who will be submitting 5-year applications in the next round of funding and was presented by Jennifer Johnson of ADD.

Estimated Application Dates
ACF anticipates moving up the due date for the applications to allow more time to process the applications and make award announcements earlier to provide your institutions with more notice before the end of your current grant. Below are the ESTIMATED program announcement publication and application due dates:

  • Program Announcement Publication: October 24, 2007
  • Application Due Date: December 23, 2007

Program Announcement (Guidance for the Applications)
Below is the program announcement from last year (in word and PDF formats). While there may be some changes in the next program announcement, you may find it useful to use last year's program announcement as a guide until this year's program announcement is published.