AUCD's Prepared4ALL Initiative Selected for 2021 Horace G. (Hod) Ogden Award

August 10, 2021

AUCD's Prepared4ALL initiative has been selected for the 2021 Horace G. (Hod) Ogden Award from the American Public Health Association's Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section. This award is highly competitive and honors outstanding use of humor to promote better health education, health promotion and health communication practice.

It is named for Hod Ogdgen the first director of the Bureau of Health Education established in the late 1970s at CDC. Hod loved a good story or joke and was a master at using humor as part of the communication process.

To check out the Prepared4ALL initiative, which includes a free online training course, monthly partner townhalls, and a Prepared4ALL trainee program, visit
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