2007 Training Symposium

August 19, 2007

Organized by members of the six Councils of AUCD, the Training Symposium promises to be an exciting and educational event. Don't forget to register for the 2007 AUCD Annual Meeting.

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Technology for the Future: Bridging Distance and Time

Monday, November 12, 2007, 1:30pm-5:00pm
Cost: $95.00

Keynote Speaker:

Curt Bonk
Curtis Bonk, PhD


  • Curtis Bonk, Ph.D., Indiana University Instructional Systems Technology Department, Bloomington, IN

Roundtable Facilitators:

  • Multiple experts from within the AUCD Network and Collaborators

Technology continues to make a significant impact on our work with individuals with disabilities and their families. While it has the potential to bring us closer together, we must strive to avoid disparities due to limited technology for some of our partners. With the constant and rapid changes in technologies, how can we as professionals stay on top of the technology and maintain the quality of services and supports we offer, while at the same time use technology that does not outpace those with whom we work?

This Training Symposium will discuss: the current state of technology, what the near future may hold, evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the technologies, and practical implications in the delivery of material (e.g., in trainings for autism), in cross-Center collaborations, and in involving individuals with disabilities and their families.

After a keynote presentation, participants will be able to participate in two (2) topical discussions to share their experiences and to explore issues related to the use of technology in our Centers. Possible topics include: cross-Center research; reaching individuals with disabilities and their families; accessibility issues; applications for pre-service training and continuing education / community-based training; creating a virtual network; and impacting policy change at the local, state, and national levels.

By attending the 2007 Training Symposium, participants will:

  • Gain knowledge on the current, and possible future, ways to use technology effectively
  • Take home practical ideas on ways other AUCD network programs incorporate technology into their program
  • Learn innovative ways that UCEDDs and LENDs are involving individuals with disabilities and family members in their activities
  • Think about creating networks and collaborative relationships with others, regardless of location

To best plan the roundtable discussions, you will be asked at registration to indicate two of the following topics you will most likely attend:

  1. Cross-Center Collaboration. Discussion might include:
    1. Research, including PAR
    2. Grant writing
    3. Sustainability through the years
  2. Bringing together community partners and advocates. Discussion might include:
    1. Bring individuals with disabilities and families into your program
    2. Building your local network
    3. Service provision and technical assistance
  3. Accessibility issues with technology. Discussion might include:
    1. Accessibility (software)
    2. Accessibility (hardware)
  4. Using technology with pre-service trainees. Discussion might include:
    1. Training curriculum
    2. Supervision
    3. Enhancing the clinical training experience
  5. Using technology in community education. Discussion might include:
    1. Blended learning
    2. Reaching rural communities
    3. Training different populations
  6. Multicultural & International applications of technology. Discussion might include:
    1. Language barriers
    2. Distance
  7. Connecting with the National Office. Discussion might include:
    1. Website
    2. Listserves
    3. Webcasts
  8. Providing clinical services. Discussion might include:
    1. Current applications
    2. HIPAA requirements
    3. Reimbursement
    4. Licensure across state lines
  9. Development of web-based training modules. Discussion might include:
    1. Autism
    2. Genetics
    3. Service Coordinaton