30 Years of Community Living

July 27, 2021

Website Link  https://acl.gov/30years

In partnership with the Institute on Community Integration at University of Minnesota and University of Colorado at the Anschutz Medical Campus, ICI's StateData.info has released 30 Years of Community Living for Individuals with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities.

Between 1987 and 2017, people with disabilities advocated for policy changes that significantly improved community life, employment outcomes, technology access, and more. During this 30-year period:

  • over 80% of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) moved from institutions to community homes
  • in 1987, there were 224 state-run IDD institutions, and by 2017, there were 119
  • the number of people with IDD who receive integrated employment services grew from a few thousand to over 130,000 in 2017

This historical account illustrates the opportunities and challenges people with IDD experience using data from three longitudinal data projects funded under the ACL's Projects of National Significance program. This report includes infographics, stories, photos, and personal experiences from people with IDD at work and in communities across the US.

30 Years of Community Living can inform policy makers, legislators, service providers, and communities about trends in community living, employment, technology, and funding support for people with IDD from 1987-2017.

Read more about the 30-year history of community living or download the report.