UCLA All Brains

April 28, 2021

Introduction of All Brains:

UCLA All Brains was established in 2017 after students recognized the unmet need of UCLA as a neurodiverse-friendly campus. At the first town hall meeting, many neurodivergent students expressed the lack of resources and communities. As a result of this need, All Brains was formed. All Brains works as a community intervention model with three branches including socials, peer mentoring, and training/workshops. Although we are UCLA based, all of our services are open to all students.

Our Mission:

The mission of UCLA All Brains is to celebrate and respect neurological differences such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and more both at UCLA and at broader clinical levels.

Our Journey:

Trained neurodivergent and neurotypical peer mentors aim to help students improve their college experience through supporting them in their academics, social connectedness, and access and utilization of resources. Currently, we serve 26 neurodiverse mentees. All Brains also established a Patient Coach Program with the UC LEND (Leadership and Education in NeuroDiversity) Clinic where trained patient coaches work with neurodivergent patients. Our close partnership with UC-LEND expands our model to offer interdisciplinary clinical support, and our support under UCLA's Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health has expanded our initiative to also include research studies.

We host neurodiversity training and workshops for student programs and organizations around campus. As of now, we've trained over 1000 people, including UCLA Residential Life, UCLA Academic Advancement Program, UCLA GRIT Coaching program, and more. We have also partnered up with the UCLA Centers of Accessible Education for a workshop series on navigating UCLA for students of the center. The series is available on their website.

Over the last year we have collaborated with several UCLA based programs to enhance our advocacy work for the neurodivergent community. We have partnered with UCLA Undergraduate Student Association, UCLA Career Center, UCLA LGBTQ+ Resource Center and more.

Contact information:

For more information regarding our services and team, please visit our website.