Reflection on CCSN Experience Three Years Later

Megan Yung, Tufts Child Health Intern Spring 2018

April 28, 2021

During my time as an undergraduate at Tufts University, I interned at the Center for Children with Special Needs. Prior to this experience, I did not have much experience with children with special needs. Through this internship, I had the opportunity to not only learn about different developmental-behavioral disorders, but also interact with and learn from children with these disorders. I began to see and understand how much support these children require, and I was inspired to help and learn more about the field. This internship inspired me to take my current job as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).

As an RBT, I work with children with different developmental disorders like autism. I provide one-to-one behavior-analytic services and implement behavioral programs created by board-certified behavioral analysts. Through working as an RBT, I have seen how beneficial this therapy is to both the children and their families and how it can help them live fuller lives together. My experiences at the Center for Children with Special Needs helped guide me to the career path I am on today, and I will continue to use these experiences in the future to better serve the population of children with special needs.