2018 PATHS Program Graduate, Terence Elder

February 25, 2021

Since earning his ParaProfessional Certificate from the PATHS Program in 2018, Terence is in his 3rd year at his school and doing an outstanding job. He is now the proud owner of a new BMW! He now drives himself to and from his work. He answered a few questions about the PATHS Program and what this program has meant to him.

Since you graduated from the PATHS Program, what would you say was the most important thing you learned at PATHS and how has it helped you in reaching your goals.

"The most important thing I learned from the PATHS program is that it really teaches you how to become more independent by each experience such as: teaching us how to find jobs, how to do a resume, how to be more professional, the importance of volunteering, budgeting your money and how to live on your own."

You have a new car - congratulations!! What does having a car mean to you?

"Having a new BMW car means that I am more complete with being independent because I drive myself to and from work, to the store, to the barber shop and any other place I may need to go."

If you were going to tell someone about the PATHS program - what would you say to them to explain the program and what it has meant to you?

"First, you need to attend the open house, complete the application process and if chosen move forward and interview in person. Once accepted you have to spend 4 weeks in the Bridge to Career program and if successful you move forward to the PATHS program. The PATHS program teaches you all the necessary skills to be successful in your adult life. The PATHS program has really made me more independent with staying on the right path to success. The PATHS program taught me many new skills to help grow as a person and it prepared me for the job I have today as a Paraprofessional. This is my 3rd year at my job and I love it. I'm so happy the PATHS program exists because it showed me and my parents that I can live on my own and be successful."